About Us

At Syphered we offer sales as a service across North America to all segments of the business. Our team has over 20 years of IT sales knowledge and experience that is rooted in relationship-based selling.

We have tenured sellers with long standing relationships across many verticals including insurance, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.

Our team has an extensive knowledge of the Canadian technology market and channel, which make us an ideal solution for start-ups in the U.S. trying to navigate our unique geography.

What makes Syphered unique from a cost saving perspective when you leverage our Services?

  • Your organization doesn’t need to pay benefits.
  • Access to a tenured group of Sales Directors at Syphered
  • No requirement to pay sales expenses (mileage, travel, meals…)
  • Faster time to value due to Syphered relationships with key decision makers and influencers.
  • Call down campaigns via our valued Partner relationships to expand our reach and land new customer opportunities
  • Easy access to existing customer contracts that Syphered has secured through the Partnerships we have in place (strategic Canada VAR’s/distribution)