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About Us - Sales as a service

About us

At Syphered, we offer comprehensive sales as a service across North America to all business segments. With over 20 years of experience in IT sales, our relationship-based approach covers various verticals, including insurance, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. Our expertise in the Canadian technology market and channel makes us the ideal partner for U.S. start-ups. We provide cybersecurity and IT services, Cyber Security Solutions, cyber security services, automated data compliance, and Managed IT Services to ensure your business thrives in the digital age.

Cyber Security Services

Ransomware is currently a prevailing attack that malicious actors are currently utilizing against many...

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Cyber Security Services

Automated Data Compliance

Today the steady flow of data binds our society together, build relationships and saves lives. Data has become the bloodstream of the digital society and it is our shared responsibility to protect and respect it.

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Automated Data Compliance

Managed IT Service Solutions

Our partner provides an expertise of seasoned professionals to deliver focused application operations to your...

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Managed IT Service Solutions

Digital Workplace Monitoring (24X7)

ISEC7 SPHERE (formerly known as ISEC7 EMM Suite) is a vendor agnostic management and monitoring solution that ensures uptime and efficiency in your Digital Workplace landscape.

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Digital Workplace Monitoring (24X7)

E-Commerce Web & App Solutions

With a strong presence in the industry for over 8 years, we are a trusted provider of top-quality web development, designing, and app development services. Our expertise lies in crafting stunning websites,

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E-Commerce Web & App Solutions

8X8 All in One Communication

8×8 is an all-in-one communications platform that integrates cloud phone, video collaboration, team chat, contact...

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8X8 All in One Communication

Our Security Functions

SypherEd promotes five Security Functions to reflect the End to End Security of your business:

  • Network security

    Network security: protecting networks and devices from unauthorized access, hacking, malware, and other cyber threats.

  • Cloud security

    Cloud security: securing data and applications stored in cloud environments, such as public or private clouds.

  • Endpoint security

    Endpoint security: securing individual devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, from cyber attacks.

  • Data encryption

    Data encryption: protecting data from being accessed by unauthorized users by encrypting it at rest and in transit.

  • Threat detection and response

    Threat detection and response: monitoring for potential cyber attacks and responding quickly to minimize damage.

 cybersecurity solutions provider
cybersecurity compliance solutions

Building our Culture

Diversity and Inclusion – SypherEd aims to be richly diverse and with representatives from all sections of society. It’s the diversity and varied experiences which enable us to better deliver Client Service Excellence. A commitment to the elimination of discrimination and the encouragement of diversity is underpinned throughout the company by best practice employment strategies, policies and procedures.

The working environment – is a demonstration of professionalism, commitment to collaboration and a strong TEAM working ethic; through open plan desk layouts, bright airy offices and formal and informal meeting areas; a feeling of space and inclusion is felt by all. A carbon neutral footprint and support for several charities provide clear demonstrations of the level of responsibility felt by all towards the broader community and the environment.

  • Client First

    Client First

    Every client relationship at SypherEd is led with the ideal of servicing beyond the committed through collaboration, applied innovation and new generation partnership models that put our customer’s interests above everything else.

  • People


    SypherEd unique Quality Delivery and innovation culture empowers our workforces to ideate and find best solutions, thereby taking everyday ideas to business impact

  • Culture


    As SypherEd – we deliver more than what we are getting paid for. Our corporate conscience is defined by meaningful voices looking to make a difference, a concept which has been given shape and direction through our very foundation.

Frequently Asked Question

What services does Syphered.Tech offer?

Syphered.Tech provides cybersecurity, cloud solutions, IT staffing, and managed IT services.

What is "Sales as a Service"?

It means offering expert sales strategies and execution for your business needs.

How can Syphered.Tech help with cybersecurity?

 We offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions including threat detection, data encryption, and endpoint security.

What cloud solutions do you provide?

 We secure and manage data and applications in public and private cloud environments.

What industries do you serve?

We cater to insurance, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail sectors.

Do you offer IT staffing services?

Yes, we provide specialized IT staffing to meet your business needs.

What is "Fractional CISO Services"?

 It's a service where we provide part-time Chief Information Security Officers to manage your cybersecurity.

How can I contact Syphered.Tech?

You can reach us at sales@syphered.ca or call 647-243-7451.

Do you offer automated data compliance solutions?

 Yes, we help ensure your business complies with data regulations through automated solutions.

What is AI penetration testing?

AI penetration testing uses automated tools to simulate cyber-attacks and identify vulnerabilities.