Fractional CISO Services

We are thrilled to introduce our Fractional CISO Services. Our experienced Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are here to strengthen your cyber defenses and empower your business to thrive securely. As your trusted partner in safeguarding our customers digital assets and ensuring peace of mind. From annual risk assessments to continuous monitoring, syphered provides expert guidance, testing, and strategic planning to safeguard your organization against evolving threats.

Services Include:

Annual / Periodic Cyber Security Readiness

Risk Assessment / Workshop: Gauge your cyber security posture against industry frameworks for risk, compliance, and cyber insurance readiness

Penetration Testing: Validate your external and internal systems and networks for ease of exploit and attack

Tabletop Exercises: Simulate scenarios with management and/or operations to identify gaps and improve your readiness to respond to an attack

Incident Response Readiness: Prepare with approved cyber insurance partners to ensure legal, process, and technology services are planned and tested ahead of an incident

Continuous Cyber Security Operations

Continuous Cyber Security Operations:  Engage independent virtual and fractional CISO leaders with decades of expertise leading enterprises and consulting firms

Program Development: Establish and deliver a strategic roadmap with efficient use of people, processes, and technology

Vulnerability Testing: Frequently identify new and ongoing security vulnerabilities in a timely manner to remediate ahead of attacks

Managed Detection & Response and Security Operations Center: Continuous
monitoring, detection and response across millions of events logged