Automated Data Compliance

Automated Data Compliance

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Today the steady flow of data binds our society together, build relationships and saves lives. Data has become the bloodstream of the digital society and it is our shared responsibility to protect and respect it. Companies act both as creators and caretakers of data, and it is in these roles that we must strive for excellence. It is in our handling of data that we show our employees, customers, and society what we stand for. Do we want to follow the rules, get in control, become, and stay compliant – or not? In the digital domain, ethics and actions has been translated into rules and compliance. We can help you turn your corporate ethics on data into digital actions.

Data is our DNA. We have been working with data all our lives and gladly share our knowledge and experience helping others get in control with their data compliance – and get in control with your data.

Turning difficult and tedious tasks into automated actions. Saving time, while keeping an eye on your data and the level of data compliance. In short – Automated Data Compliance – that what we do best.

We started building a fantastic tool for Data Compliance. And we made it even better with input from our clients. Call it an ongoing symbiose – but the result is nevertheless a data compliance toolbox made to fit perfectly in the GDPR, CCPA and PIPEDA puzzle. The missing piece to make the puzzle complete.

By choosing us, you don’t just get the best Data Compliance Toolbox on the market – you get an opportunity to be heard and affect the way Data Compliance should be handled.

They delete illegal data

GDPR, CCPA and PIPEDA makes it illegal for organisations to keep any personal data that you cannot document legitimate interest in. The D&M GDPR, CCPA and PIPEDA Toolbox gives end-users an overview of potential unlawful data. It provides a simple interface to remove unwanted data from email, file share, teams SharePoint, and other data repositories.
You can define specific data polices and rules how to handle the non-compliant data and identify key document types (e.g. salary slips, job application, travel documents) that you handle in your organization.
You can monitor your level of compliance across your data sources like mails, attachments, file shares, laptops, SharePoint, Intranet, and any other data that can be connected to the Toolbox.
There is no need to ask your employees to go through many years of collected documents, mails and attachments. The toolbox can handle the job without interfering the daily routines of your employees, much more efficient and with better results. And the toolbox will continue to monitor the data to keep you compliant.
The toolbox can even move or delete non-compliant mails and documents from eg. Office365
Simply connect your data directly from the interface, let the toolbox do a quick analysis, and you get a first view of how much personal data you have, where it is located and the risk of being non-compliant.
You can easily set up data policies and document rules and instantly follow the level of data compliance across the organisation and all profiled data as the toolbox continuous to keep an eye on the data.