Compliance as a Service

We help companies apply security, transform digitally, and protect their digital data and identity.

Why Compliance as a Service

In a diverse and distributed multi-cloud enterprise, maintaining compliance is a challenge with Historical Technical Complexities like- Scope & Scale, Diverse Environment, Constant Change and Data collection & reporting.
Compliance is not security; Compliance is a framework to achieve security.

Our offering

  • NIST 800.53 or 800.171: Deliverables: NIST score, Key Gaps, Missing Policies, Prioritized Security Roadmap
  • Data Governance: Deliverables: Data Classifications by Risk, Key labeling, retention, and privacy issues. Recommended Actions.
  • Automated Pen. Test: eliverables: Continuous automated external penetration test report & actions
  • Cloud Configuration Scan: Deliverables: Cloud Configuration critical, high, medium, low gaps and issues
    Policy Gaps: Deliverables: Automated policy anagement solution with up to 40 ompliance policies
  • Security Awareness Training: Deliverables: OSINT based training package to train, measure, and report on SAT.