Compliance as a Service

Compliance as a Service

We help companies apply security, transform digitally, and protect their digital data and identity.

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Why Compliance as a Service

In a diverse and distributed multi-cloud enterprise, maintaining compliance is a challenge with Historical Technical Complexities like- Scope & Scale, Diverse Environment, Constant Change and Data collection & reporting.
Compliance is not security; Compliance is a framework to achieve security.

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Our offering

  • NIST 800.53 or 800.171: Deliverables: NIST score, Key Gaps, Missing Policies, Prioritized Security Roadmap
  • Data Governance: Deliverables: Data Classifications by Risk, Key labeling, retention, and privacy issues. Recommended Actions.
  • Automated Pen. Test: eliverables: Continuous automated external penetration test report & actions
  • Cloud Configuration Scan: Deliverables: Cloud Configuration critical, high, medium, low gaps and issues
    Policy Gaps: Deliverables: Automated policy anagement solution with up to 40 ompliance policies
  • Security Awareness Training: Deliverables: OSINT based training package to train, measure, and report on SAT.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Compliance as a Service (CaaS)?

CaaS helps businesses meet regulatory requirements and enhance security frameworks.

Why is compliance important?

Compliance ensures your business adheres to legal standards and protects sensitive data

What frameworks do you support?

We support NIST 800.53 and 800.171 frameworks for robust security measures.

What is Data Governance in CaaS?

Data Governance involves classifying data by risk and addressing privacy and retention issues.

Do you offer automated penetration testing?

Yes, we provide continuous automated external penetration tests and actionable reports.

What is a Cloud Configuration Scan?

It identifies critical gaps and issues in your cloud setup, ensuring compliance and security.

What is included in Security Awareness Training?

Training includes OSINT-based packages to educate and assess employees on security practices.

How do you manage compliance policies?

We use automated solutions to handle up to 40 compliance policies efficiently.

Can CaaS help with policy gaps?

Yes, we identify and provide solutions for missing policies to ensure compliance.

How can I get started with CaaS?

Contact us at or call 647-243-7451 to discuss your compliance needs.