How Syphered can Assist You

Ransomware Attacks Relief
Ransomware is currently a prevailing attack that malicious actors are currently utilizing against many organizations. Being held hostage in a data breach is one of the worst experiences you can encounter. In these situations, rely on Syphered to negotiate, diminish, and settle the threat before your organization to promptly deliver you the most favorable results.

Incident Response
Security breaches can be very harsh but allow Syphered to efficiently aid you in re-establishing your company's network infrastructure. Syphered will guide you in what steps you should take to further enhance your network security to prevent breaches in the future.

Ethical Hacking System Testing
A thorough network penetration test outlines the stability, flaws, and performance of an organization's network infrastructure. Through rigorous black-box, grey-box, or white-box testing, and an extensively detailed report, Syphered delivers effective recommendations to bolster your Cyber security posture.

Digital Forensics
It is important to understand where points of compromise originate from and to follow the digital trails that are formed by threat actors. Through industry-standard practices, Syphered follows these digital trails to help you, or your organization comprehend where a threat or a vulnerability is or may come from in the network environment and assists in developing methods to mitigate or remediate any existing or potential advanced persistent threats.

Dark Web Monitoring & Research
It is common for an organizations data to be released onto the Dark Web by threat actors when they acquire the data. When these situations occur, the risk of further attacks from other threat actors and groups significantly increases. Syphered further investigates, using state-of-the-art tools and practices, to accurately locate confidential data on any online entity that is typically hidden by the standard Internet browser.